2022 STAR Educator Recipient: Hye Young Lee, PhD

Dr. Hye Young LeeHye Young Lee, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Cellular & Integrative Physiology

Nomination Submission:
Dr. Lee has been an aspiring mentor to me as I continue to work in her lab. The best qualities I have seen from her is that she is passionate about helping others learn, she encourages team development, and she helps us learn from our mistakes through critique and not bereavement.

Dr. Lee has always made time to help others learn in the lab. For me, Dr. Lee has helped in this way by teaching me the fundamentals of working in the lab. I have not worked in a lab for almost 2 years before I joined Dr. Lee, and in a few short months I’m proficient in pipetting, lab safety procedures, and various experiments like bacterial transformation, gel electrophoresis, protein induction, and DNA PCR.

Team development is also a quality that Dr. Lee excels in. We are all working on different projects in the lab, but to Dr. Lee it’s important we all know each other and can communicate openly about our projects. She also encourages us to keep updated with each other’s projects through weekly strategy meetings that give everyone a chance to share their current progress.

Dr. Lee’s Faculty Profile