2022 STAR Educator Recipient: Jason Schillerstrom, MD

Dr. Jason SchillerstromJason E. Schillerstrom, MD

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Nomination Submission:
When I think about the qualities and values that I would like to have as a professional and educator, I always think about Dr. Schillerstrom. First of all, saying that he is always available is an understatement. He is available to support you when you struggle with personal life issues, with residency, and even when you struggle with yourself. He is almost immediately available through the phone, email, or in person. He listens to what you have to say and offers realistic and empathic solutions. His words are always comforting and inspiring.

Furthermore, Dr. Schillerstrom is like the perfect mentor. When I wanted to pursue career-related goals that I thought were impossible since I was “just an intern”, he never doubted me as I did with myself. He helped me and continues to help me to achieve my dreams as a physician and as a future educator. He encourages us to love and be involved in medical student education as he is giving us leadership opportunities, let us participate in curriculum improvement and close mentoring. Although it seems it’s something natural for him, all of my peers and I agree that he is the strongest foundation of our program. We are truly inspired by his kindness and the way that he makes us feel that although we have been defined by numbers and knowledge our whole lives, it’s our qualities as human beings that will ultimately make us shine.

Dr. Schillerstrom’s Faculty Profile