2022 STAR Educator Recipient: Matt Landrum, MD

Dr. Mathew LandrumMatthew R. Landrum, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Orthopaedics

Nomination Submission:
Dr. Landrum is relatively new to the pediatric orthopedic department however he has already had a tremendous impact on resident training and education. Dr. Landrum took it upon himself to organize an entire month of lectures on pediatric orthopedics for the residents, complete with evening sessions that included journal clubs and case series (known as fracture rounds). Prior to his involvement, most lectures were primarily resident led. Since Dr. Landrum redesigned the orthopediatric education curriculum, he has coordinated with all of the other orthopedic pediatric attending to increase their involvement and teaching opportunities. Dr. Landrum has also taken lead in advancing the pediatric spine practice at UT, and coleads a pediatric spinal deformity clinic with Dr. Chaput. In this clinic he also leads spinal deformity specific discussions with residents.

Furthermore, Dr. Landrum is confident and competent in the OR. Despite only being a year into practice, he is comfortable allowing residents to take the lead in complex surgeries and is able to guide them as they learn new skills. Finally, Dr. Landrum is also a leader outside of the hospital. He independently organized a book club for the orthopedic department and coleads several residents social activities, from shooting guns at a firing range, to jiujitsu, to floating the river.

In his short time as staff, Dr. Landrum has gone above and beyond and become absolutely critical to the orthopedic training program at UH. There is no one more deserving than him than this honor.

Dr. Landrum’s Faculty Profile