2022 STAR Educator Recipient: Veena Prasad, PhD, MBA, LPC

Dr. Veena PrasadVeena Prasad, PhD, MBA, LPC

Behavioral Health Consultant
Office for Graduate Medical Education

Nomination Submission:
The team that includes Drs. Dyurich, Hutcherson and Prasad from the Office of GME are always a pleasure to work with and and are so helpful. These individuals have worked collectively within the office for GME to provide much needed services for our residents in the realms of mental health and quality and safety efforts. In these efforts, I believe they do their work diligently and quietly and would like to recognize them as these services are really important to the health and wellbeing of our residents and programs. Personally, they have been wonderful collaborators on projects that focus on improving the clinical learning environment. They are thoughtful, generous, experienced and their collaboration has led to success in understanding aspects of culture that would not have been possible without their collaboration.

Dr. Prasad’s Faculty Profile