2022 STAR Educator Recipient: Wisdeen Wu, DO

Dr. Wisdeen WuWisdeen V. Wu, DO

Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Division of Complex and Palliative Care, Division of General Pediatrics

Nomination Submission:
I nominate Dr. Wisdeen Wu as a LSOM Star of Education. She is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics. She is an excellent faculty attending in the General Pediatric Residents Acute Care clinic. In this role, she has acted as the co-director for the outpatient MS3 clerkship, as well as the coordinator for the outpatient conferences for the Pediatric Residency Outpatient Morning Report. These didactic sessions are robust, interactive and helpful in preparing the pediatric residents for their clinical experiences and in pursuing the educational objectives as outlined by the American Board of Pediatrics. Her generous wealth of pediatric knowledge along with her compassionate bedside manner, are instruments she uses to connect with the learners and bring exemplary care to her patients and all those who will be affected by her teaching as the learners go forward. She makes the lessons very practical and in the moment. She encourages learners to think beyond the textbook and into the patients’ homes and with a more keen realization of what their daily lives look like and how they can help ensure our medical advice is truly and practically able to be realized, taking into deep consideration the social determinants of health of our patients.

She role models humanism, equity and inclusion through her work in the Comprehensive Care Clinic, as the medical director and physician; here she cares for some of the most complex (medically, socially) and fragile children in South Texas.

She has further demonstrated exemplary teaching service as a mentor, collaborator and consultant to her fellow colleagues in her quest to improve our feedback method for our learners, facilitating a workshop on “Delivering Feedback” in the Dept. of Pediatrics Teaching Excellence Course; recognizing the importance of feedback in motivating and guiding learners.

Dr. Wisdeen Wu has definitely shined as a LSOM Star Educator.

Dr. Wu’s Faculty Profile