THP Faculty

By far the greatest strength of the health professional teaching program of Cell Systems & Anatomy is the cadre of men and women who have dedicated themselves to the preparation of students in anatomical sciences. Most of these faculty have been trained as “classical anatomists” and are well versed in all of the anatomical sciences (Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Microscopic Anatomy and Neuroscience), and many of the basic and clinical sciences. This allows for the ready integration of subject matter across disciplines, especially important in the current systems-based medical curriculum. These faculty have also been trained as research scientists and can bring to their teaching the critical evaluation of data so important in evidence-based medicine and dentistry.

Our Faculty

Kar, Rekha, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Larsen, Pamela, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Nation, Haley, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Occhialini, Annette, M.D. Associate Professor
Oyajobi, Babatunde O., M.D., Ph.D. Professor
Padalecki, Susan S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Rahimi, Omid B., Ph.D. Professor
“Distinguished Teaching Professor”
“Master Teacher”
Reiter, Russel J., Ph.D. Professor
Sakaguchi, Alan Y., Ph.D. Professor
Sharma, Ramaswamy, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Vogel, Kristine S., Ph.D. Associate Professor
“Distinguished Teaching Professor”
“Master Teacher”