CSA 2022-2023 Seminar Series

Seminars are held on Tuesday’s 11am – 12pm CST, 209L MED Bld.
Contact Lucy Fell, fell@uthscsa.edu for meeting details.

10 Jan – Pamela Maher, Ph.D., Professor
SALK Institute for Biological Studies
“Using the oxytosis /ferroptosis pathway to understand and treat age associate neurodegenerative diseases”
Host: Dr. Qitao Ran, Associate Professor

31 Jan – Hui Shen, Ph.D., Associate Professor
“Cancer epigenetics: what’s in a name” 
Location: ALTC 302  – Host: Dr. Pei Wang, Associate Professor

7 Mar – Dr. Craig Cameron
“Antiviral therapy: Towards the personal and the precise”

14 Mar – Adam Wilson, Ph.D., Associate Professor
RUSH University
“How to rebound from an anatomy educator shortage”
Host: Dr. Rehka Kar, Associate Professor

21 Mar – Michael Burton, Ph.D., Professor
University of Texas at Dallas
“The sex and cell specific role of TLR 4 induced pain”
Host Dr. Babatunde Oyajobi, Professor

4 Apr – Li Qiang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Columbia University
“Depot specific targeting of fat”
Host: Dr. Lily Dong, Professor

2 May – Iannis Aifantis, Ph.D., Professor
NYU Longone Medical Center
“Single cell mapping of leukemia microenvironment interactions”
Host: Dr. Peng Zhang, Associate Professor

9 May – Daniela Salvemini, Ph.D., Professor
Saint Louis University
“Title” TBA
Host: Dr. James Lechleiter, Professor

Upcoming Seminars Poster

Edward G. Rennels

May 7, 1920 – January 31, 2010

In 1966, the University of Texas opened a new medical school in San Antonio, Texas. Edward G. Rennels was selected as the founding Chair of the nascent Department of Anatomy. Over the next 14 years, he recruited faculty who shared his vision to build a department committed to excellence in scholarly achievement, graduate education and teaching. In 1980, he resigned as Chair and in 1982, was named Professor Emeritus upon retiring from the University.

Tribute to Edward G. Rennels

Tribute provided by Erle K. Adrian, Damon C. Herbert, and Vick F. Williams.