THP Facilities

UT Health San Antonio has 85 scheduled classrooms that are shared with other departments and schools comprising the UT Health San Antonio. Several classrooms and laboratories are designated for use by the Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy to teach anatomy to a diverse population of professional students.

Medical students are taught in a modern classroom located adjacent to the library with a seating capacity of 274. The Dental student classroom is newly renovated and has a room capacity of 172. Each classroom has a state-of-the-art lectern that allows the faculty to control the classroom environment. In addition to the traditional slide and overhead projectors, the classrooms are equipped with a data/video projector for PowerPoint and Multimedia presentations. Each classroom is also equipped for wireless connection to the internet, which is essential for students in the age of the electronic curriculum.

Both medical and dental histology courses, as well as the medical neuroscience course, are taught in the multidisciplinary labs (MDL) located in the medical building. Each lab has a seating capacity of 20, which affords a better opportunity for personal interaction between faculty and students. Each laboratory is equipped with a data projector used for lab previews, and computer and wireless connection to the internet. Although the use of the light microscope has been reduced by digital image software, students have individual locker space for a microscope and a student slide loan set. 

The Gross Anatomy Teaching Facility encompasses over 7500 square feet of teaching and storage space. The facility is shared by all undergraduate and graduate medical, dental, biomedical and allied health students participating in human dissection.

Four of the teaching laboratories are equipped with 14-15 cadaver tanks and a computer that is linked to dissecting atlases and tutorials. A fifth lab has been recently renovated and is equipped with 3 flat-screen TV wall monitors and a Sky-Eye® camera. The Sky-Eye® is a specially designed camera on a boom arm that allows a unique view of dissections. Dissections can be video captured and be broadcasted to classrooms and distant-learning sites. The room is also ideal for small group dissections and prosections.

Lecture hall
Lab photo
Students viewing cadaver