Welcome from the Program Director

The Residency Program in otolaryngology at UT Health San Antonio has enjoyed a long and distinguished history in the training of outstanding practitioners in the specialty, having graduated its first resident in 1974. The Program is committed to vigorous and comprehensive training of residents in all subspecialties of otolaryngology, as well as facilitating the growth of young physicians into upstanding, respected, and ethical surgeons who become leaders in the specialty, the profession, and society at large, and role models for those whom they serve and teach. To that end, the faculty and residents in the Program are marked by exceptional collegiality and communication, love of the profession and specialty, and devotion to teaching. The clinical experience in the Program is broad and inclusive, comprising training in publicly and privately funded health care in a wide variety of settings, as well as contact with military medicine in San Antonio. Graduates from the Program are well prepared to enter community-based or academic practice, subspecialty fellowship, or federal service, and our alumni may be found successfully serving in all these settings. Our graduates are highly successful in the otolaryngology board-certification process, and in the life-long practice of the specialty. The Program welcomes applications from highly motivated, well-qualified candidates for training; individuals interested in application or clinical rotation in the department are encouraged to contact the Program Coordinator.

Philip Chen, M.D.
Associate Professor and Program Director