Heather Hunter is this year’s Debbie Canales Yrle Distinguished Service Award Recipient

August 20, 2019

Pharmacology’s own Heather Hunter was selected as this year’s Debbie Canales Yrle Distinguished Service Award recipient! Heather’s willingness to go above and beyond in support of the educational mission of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and its programs shines through, even beyond the Pharmacology department. The award will be presented during the convocation ceremony […]

Congratulations to Teacher Enrichment Initiatives (TEI) on being Published in the Journal of STEM Outreach!

August 15, 2019

A big congratulations are in order for Pharmacology’s own Teacher Enrichment Initiatives (TEI) program and Teacher Enrichment Leadership Academy (TELA) on being published in the Journal of STEM Outreach! The paper is titled ‘Engaging the Community through Science Nights: An Elementary School Case Study.’ We are so proud of the TEI team and TELA leaders […]

Congratulations to Christopher Tschumi for defending his dissertation on April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019

  On April 23, 2019, Pharmacology graduate student Christopher Tschumi (pictured above) presented his dissertation defense titled: ‘Neurotensin-Induced Plasticity of Inhibitory NeurotransmissioniIn Midbrain Dopamine Neurons’ to a lecture hall audience, whose members included his defense committee. He then went through a review of his dissertation and a question and answer process with the defense committee, […]

Congratulations to Allison Garrison for defending her dissertation on April 22, 2019

April 22, 2019

  On April 22, 2019, Neuroscience graduate student Allison Garrison (pictured above) presented her dissertation defense titled: ‘The Role of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Modulating Neuroinflammation’ to a lecture hall audience, whose members included her defense committee. She then went through a review of her dissertation and a question and answer process with the defense […]

Congratulations to Vanessa Minervini, Ph.D.!

April 11, 2019

Congratulations to Vanessa Minervini, Ph.D. who won first place in the Behavioral Pharmacology Division of ASPET poster competition in Orlando, Florida! Vanessa works in Dr. Charles France‘s lab and will be moving in July for a tenure-track assistant professor position at Creighton University.

LSOM Research Day Poster Winners

April 5, 2019

  FACULTY CATEGORY 1st place: Flavia Carreno, Ph.D. Poster title: Mechanisms contributing to the  sustained antidepressant-likeresponse of L-655,708 Honorable Mention: Juli Bai, Ph.D. Poster title: cGAS-STING Pathway Suppresses Thermogenesisby Inhibiting PKA Signaling   GRADUATE STUDENT CATEGORY 1st place: Sijia He Poster title: Lrg1: A Novel Adipokine Mediating Obesity-inducedInsulin Resistance

Dr. Susan Mooberry has been selected to be a Fellow of the American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP)

March 27, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Susan Mooberry for being selected as a Fellow of the American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP). Fellows of the American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP) are chosen because of their continuing, high level contributions in the field of natural products and records of sustained achievement within their sub-disciplines. The status of ASP Fellows differ […]

Assistant Professor Teresa Evans, Ph.D., featured in Nature, 'More than one-third of graduate students report being depressed'

March 26, 2018

Graduate students are more than six times as likely to experience depression and anxiety as compared to the general population, according to a comprehensive survey of 2,279 individuals conducted via social media and direct email. The research team including Teresa Evans, Ph.D., and Lindsay Bira, Ph.D., of UT Health San Antonio describe their results in […]

Former Pharmacology graduate student, Raehannah Jamshidi, celebrates Match to Residency Program

March 19, 2018

Please help me congratulate the outstanding residency match for our 2018 MD/PhD  graduates. Each of them matched to terrific residency programs at the top of their list. We truly wish them the best of luck in their future careers as Physician-Scientists. Read Full Article

Pharmacology Professor Susan Mooberry, Ph.D., featured in: ‘Could Great Lakes fungi and Cheerios lead to cancer cure?’

February 28, 2018

A cure to childhood cancer may be hidden in fungus discovered at the bottom of the Great Lakes and nurtured on Cheerios. While the breakfast cereal came from Walmart, the fungi were found in the Midwest’s own backyard: the bottom of the Great Lakes—which until recently have been hardly touched in the world of fungal […]