Location: Neuroscience Discipline, Daniel Lodge, Ph.D. Lab



Alexandra (Alex) McCoy

Graduate Student

Personal Statement:

I like to play sports! I’ve played volleyball and tennis for years and have recently gotten into a sport called spikeball. I also enjoy hiking and backpacking. Anything outside.      


B.S., Behavioral Neuroscience
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA


Psychiatric disorders, mental health, PTSD, neural circuits, α5-GABA A receptors, ventral hippocampus

Awards & Accomplishments

Women in Medicine Month highlighted researcher, 2021 NIH sponsored predoctoral training program in neuroscience training grant T32 NS082145 , 2019


Society for Neuroscience Women in Science, Development, Outreach, and Mentorship,  WISDOM Graduate Student Association (GSA)


Bugay, V., McCoy, A.M., Lodge, D.J. et al. Mechanisms associated with the antidepressant-like effects of L-655,708. Neuropsychopharmacol. 45, 2289–2298 (2020). Title: Sex differences in sucrose reinforcement in Long-Evans rats Authors: Jeffrey Grimm; Katherine North; Madeleine Hopkins; Kyle Jiganti; Alex McCoy; Josef Šulc; Derek MacDougall; Frances Sauter Corresponding author: Dr. Jeffrey Grimm – Currently under review – Biology of Sex Differences – 2021 Title: The effects of hippocampal α5-GABAA receptor modulation on dopamine neuron activity in the rat ventral tegmental area Authors: Stephanie M. Perez1,2, Alexandra M. McCoy1,2, Thomas D. Prevot3,4, Flavia R. Carreno1, Alan Frazer1,2,5, Etienne Sibille3,4,6, Daniel J. Lodge1,2 – In preparation