Xiaoli Sun, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Personal Statement:

Our lab engages communities at Joe R. & Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine, the UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the UT Health San Antonio Transplant Center to study chronic diseases, including atherosclerosis, nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases, and liver cancer. South Texas experiences high rates due to the prevalence of obesity and dyslipidemia. We combine basic science with clinical knowledge to target these problems by understanding disease pathophysiology and identifying novel therapeutic targets, with the goal to find more effective disease therapies. We analyze human samples and employ genetically engineered mouse models to identify key players in diseases and understand disease initiation and progression. The combination of these systems with technologies including biochemistry, molecular biology, next-generation sequencing, single-cell technology, spatial transcriptomics, flow cytometry, proteomics and lipidomics is providing striking new insights into mechanisms at the molecular and cellular levels that are relevant to chronic diseases, including atherosclerosis, nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases, and liver cancer.


Postdoctoral Fellow - University of California, San Diego
M.D., Ph.D. - Peking University Health Science Center


Awards & Accomplishments

K99/R00 NIH Pathway to Independence Award

CPRIT Recruitment of First-Time Tenure-Track Faculty Award


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