Welcome to our Summer Physiology Undergraduate Researcher (SPUR) Class of 2024 Students!

We are excited to welcome this year’s NINDS R25 Summer Physiology Undergraduate Researcher (SPUR) Program cohort, and we look forward to hosting these students this summer! They be working in the labs of our partnered mentors this year starting June 3rd through August 9th. Please join me in making them feel welcome, as you will be seeing them in the department!


Tyler Simmons – Jean Bopassa Lab

Penelope Quiles – Juan Pablo Palavicini Lab

Jessica Aldape – Armen Akopian Lab

Vanessa Rodriguez – Gregory Collins Lab

Derek Garcia – Manzoor Bhat Lab

Paloma Diaz – Swati Banerjee Lab

Daniela Sanchez – Georgianna Gould Lab

Leonardo Clark – Lynette Daws Lab

Daniel Robelo – Jason Pugh Lab

Katherine Guillen – Valentina Garbarino Lab

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