Recent Alumni

image of Dr. Henrich and alumni students at graduation
NameCredentialGraduated SemesterGraduated DateCurrent Position
Banh, AndyM.D./Ph.D.August 2021Clinical Rotations and Residency (M.D./Ph.D.) Program, UT Health San Antonio
Imam Aliagan, AbdulhafizPh.D.June 2021Senior Scientist BioMedicine Design, Pfizer
Birt (Salinas), AngelicaPh.D.June2021Consulting
Bowman, MelodiPh.D.June2021Research Scientist, Charles River Laboratories
Andersen, John-PaulPh.D.June2021Research Consultant - Fractal Science
Caflisch, LauraM.D./Ph.D.August2020Clinical Rotations and Residency (M.D./Ph.D.) Program, UT Health San Antonio
Gray, ShawnPh.D.June 2020Research Scientist, Incell Corporation
Madungwe, NgonidzashePh.D.June 2020Process Development Scientist, Boston, MA
Jans, PetraM.D./Ph.D.June2020Clinical Rotations and Residency (M.D./Ph.D.) Program, UT Health San Antonio
He, SijiaPh.D.December2019Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Xianlin Han, Barshop Institute, UT Health San Antonio
Liu, LiM.S.December2019Research Assistant, Dr. Kumar Sharma, UT Health San Antonio
Boyd, JacobM.D./Ph.D.August2019Resident Physician, Otolaryngology, University of Colorado
Grant, CorenaPh.D.June2019Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Leah Pyter, Ohio State University
Mancilla, TreviM.D./Ph.D.June2019UT Health Medical School, Pediatric/Internal Medicine Research Track Residency Program
Barron, TaraPh.D.May2019Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Michelle Monje, Stanford University
Zhang, LuPh.D.June2018Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Ralph DeFronzo, UT Health San Antonio
Xiong, JuanPh.D.June2018Postdoctoral Fellow, California
Garbarino, ValentinaPh.D.June2018Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Miranda Orr, VA at UT Health San Antonio
Farnsworth, StevenD.D.S/Ph.D.February2018Dental Anesthesiology Resident, Barnabas Hospital
Rakian, RubieD.D.S/Ph.D.December2017Research Fellow in Oral Medicine, Infection and Immunity, Forsyth Institute (Harvard University)
Rakian, AudreyD.D.S/Ph.D.December2017Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Forsyth Institute (Harvard University)
Chen, Xi (Stephen)Ph.D.December2017Research Scientist, Diabetes Division at UT Health San Antonio
Kreko-Pierce, TabitaPh.D.June2017Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Jason Pugh, UT Health San Antonio
Heard III, Willie M.Ph.D.August2017Faculty – St. Philip’s College


The Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology has had more than 80 graduates since the fall of 1980.  Most graduates begin their careers by obtaining positions as postdoctoral research fellows in an academic, industrial (e.g., biotech or pharmaceutical), or government research laboratory.  And now many former graduates have pursued successful careers within industry, and/or academia, government, scientific publishing, teaching, and many more professions.

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Past Alumni include:
Nathan Mitchell, Ph.D. - Senior Medical Science Liaison, Avadel Pharmaceuticals plc
Celest Austin, M.D./Ph.D. - Founder/CEO of GoManda
Walter Holbein, Ph.D. - Group Business Director, Chronic at Nonin Medical, Inc.
Heather Pidcoke, M.D./Ph.D. - Chief Medical Research Officer CSU/Assoc. Dir. Research Translational Medicine Institute
Nicole Baganz, Ph.D. - Director of Community Engagement and Programming, Florida Atlantic University Brain Institute and Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Science
David Petrik, Ph.D. - Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), School of Biosciences, Cardiff University
Kathleen Goei, Ph.D. – Faculty - School of Physical Therapy, University of the Incarnate Word
Lila LaGrange, Ph.D. - Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of the Incarnate Word
Max Sanderford, Ph.D. – Professor & Department Head, Tarleton State University
George Rodney, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Rebekah Thomas-Young, Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Department of Life Sciences, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Terry Combs, Ph.D. - Bioanalytical Scientist, Pfizer
Hugo Pedrozo, Ph.D. - Professor of Biology & Consultant, Texas State University
Francisco Andrade, Ph.D. - Professor and Vice Chair of Physiology, University of Kentucky
Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D. - Member and Program Chair, Aging & Metabolism Research Program, Oklahoma Medical Research Forum
LiQian Chen, M.D./Ph.D. - Co-Associate Chief, Cardiovascular Anesthesiology, Texas Heart Institute
Dean Kellogg, Ph.D. - Professor Medicine/Geriatrics, UT Health San Antonio
Andrew Gorman III, Ph.D. - Vice President at Paramount BioSciences