John M. Johnson Distinguished Student Award


This award was established in 2013 to honor the valued and sustained contributions of Professor John M. Johnson to the Department of Physiology. Dr. Johnson joined the department in 1975 and retired in 2013. During his 38 years in the department he trained numerous students, mentored post-doctoral fellows and served as the interim Chair of the department on two occasions. Dr. Johnson was a dedicated researcher, an outstanding teacher and a wonderful role model. It is fitting that the award to the most outstanding graduate student each year be given in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the department.

Eligibility Criteria

Each spring the Johnson award will be given to a senior graduate student who has not only made outstanding scientific contributions to their field, but has also contributed to the Department of Physiology through leadership and service during the previous calendar year. To be eligible, graduate students must either be 1) studying under the mentorship of a faculty member whose primary appointment is in the Physiology department, or 2) a member of the Physiology track. The student must be in the fourth year or higher of their study toward a PhD degree, and must have a minimum of two first author manuscripts submitted or published from their mentor’s lab. Finally, the student must either be in good academic standing or have recently defended their PhD.

Selection Process

Selection will be based on the student’s qualifications as described in their curriculum vitae. Scholarship is the more important factor and includes, but is not limited to, number and quality of publications, fellowship grants written and obtained, presentations at local, national or international meetings, and awards received. The student will also be judged on their positive influence to the Department of Physiology and the institution as demonstrated by mentoring activities, service, positivity, and other qualities that make them enviable role models to younger students. The winner will either be selected by Physiology COGS or alternatively by a selection committee comprised of four faculty members of the Physiology department. No award will be given in a year that no student qualifies or if the selection committee decides that no student has reached a level of achievement commensurate with the Johnson award.

For Questions Please Contact:

Tanya Davila
Program Coordinator

Johnson Award Winners:

2021- Abdulhafiz Imam Aliagan

2020 – Melodi Bowman

2019 – Ngonidzashe Madungwe

2018 – Tara Barron

2017 – Tabita Kreko

2016 – Nathan Mitchell

2015 – Dustin Green

2014 – Walter Holbein

2013 – Yeal Edrey