This ten-week research program is designed for highly motivated college undergraduate students with a keen interest in research careers in biomedical science. The Department of Cellular and Integrative Physiology offers an exciting and diverse array of research areas, geared toward understanding the cellular and molecular underpinnings of human physiology. We seek to understand how these factors influence whole organism physiology using a number of novel model systems and cutting edge technologies.

SPUR Program Benefits:

Research Experience:

  • Program Dates: June 3rd, 2024 – August 9th, 2024
  • A 10-week research-intensive training opportunity to gain hands-on experience and contribute to advancing biomedical research, under the direction of a faculty member and lab team. See link for Program Faculty
  • Interact with other program faculty in Cellular and Integrative  Physiology at informal weekly “faculty spotlight” sessions.
  • Discuss current topics in research and ethics with graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  • Gain specialized skills and training that build a strong résumé.
  • Showcase the outcome of your summer research at a department seminar attended by the faculty, postdoctoral fellows, students, and staff of the Department. Students will deliver a short oral presentation about their summer research to the department.

Financial Assistance:

  • SPUR students will receive $4,000 to assist with the cost of lodging, meals, and other expenses.
  • On-campus housing is not available at UT Health San Antonio; however, there are several extended stay hotels and other options nearby.

Extra Research Activities:

  • Journal Clubs
  • Seminars
  • Departmental and Inter-Departmental Socials
  •  Networking Activities
  • Other extra-curricular activities hosted by the department

For more information:

Zoie Rodrigues
SPUR Program Support
Tel: 210.567.4114
Email: rodriguesz@uthscsa.edu

SPUR Program Flyer

SPUR Alumni

Class of 2023

Chloe Barickman
Lab: Lynette Daws
Drew Caldron
Lab: Greg Collins
Liliana Danford
Lab: Sarah Hopp
Selah Fernandez
Lab: Sarah Hopp
Denzel Hinds
Lab: Manzoor Bhat
Rochelle Hunt
Lab: Georgianna Gould
Andres Luna-Chavez
Lab: Crystal Archer
Michelle Oyarzabal
Lab: Jean Bopassa
Diego Quiroz
Lab: Gek-Ming Sia
Bridgette Stewart
Lab: Georgianna Gould
Stephan Ugwuagu
Lab: Jean Bopassa

Class of 2022

Karina Cantu
Lab: Swati Banerjee
Natalie De la Cerda
Lab: Swati Banerjee
Alicia Londono
Lab: Manzoor Bhat
Nia Rampersad
Lab: Jean Bopassa
Leviette Sigala
Lab: Carie Boychuk
Caelia Marshall
Lab: Chu Chen
Isabela Bustamante
Lab: Georgianna Gould
Alexia Johnson
Lab: Georgianna Gould
Bailey Matsumura
Lab: Noboru Hiroi
Colin Wu
Lab: Hye Young Lee

Class of 2021

Michael Nickels
Lab: Manzoor Bhat
Johnathan Dokes
Lab: Lynette Daws
Gloria-Andrea Alcala
Lab: Georgianna Gould
Martin Garcia
Lab: Jun Hee Kim
Grecia Martinez
Lab: Swati Banerjee
Austin Farmer
Lab: Mark Shapiro
Brandy Durden
Lab: James Stockand
Raul Gutierrez
Lab: Robert Brenner
Alyssa Baldwin
Lab: Jason Pugh

Class of 2020

Neha Kumar
Lab: Robert Brenner
Savannah Sandoval
Lab: Carie Boychuk
Amy Morrison
Lab: Lynette Daws
Octavio Huron
Lab: Manzoor Bhat
Asia White
Lab: Jun Hee Kim
Camille Simmons
Lab: Hye Young Lee
Camryn Hummel
Amanpreet Kaur
Lab: James Stockand
Blanka Bordas
Lab: Georgianna Gould
Krisah Flores
Lab: Chu Chen

SPUR 2023 Application Requirements


  • Must be a student in an undergraduate science degree program (U.S. institutions only).
  • Must have successfully completed one year in an undergraduate degree program to include at least general biology and/or introductory chemistry.
  • Must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  • Must have US residency or have a green card.

Application Requirements

  • Completed application form – Submit here!
  • Transcripts (official and/or unofficial to reflect courses taken and in progress)
  • Two letters of recommendation (1 must be from a university Science Professor)
  • Current Resume and/or CV
  • Brief essay (<500 words total) explaining why you are applying for this program. Please include:
    • A personal statement describing your career goals
    • How the program will help you move toward those goals
    • Any experience you have had in a lab setting
  • Selection of up to 3 science lab preferences: See link for Program Faculty

Application Deadline

The 2024 SPUR application will close March 1st, 2024. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the deadline.

Previous SPUR Program Students

Logan Gloster SPUR 2016 Student

“I graduated from Trinity University in May 2018 with a B.S. in Neuroscience and a Chemistry minor – thanks, in part, to my experience with the SPUR program under Dr. Lynette Daws. I plan on pursuing a Ph.D. Degree and I am applying this year for UT Health San Antonio’s IBMS (NS) program with the hopes of working under a PI researching motivation and reward pathways in the brain or psychiatric neuropharmacology.”

– Logan Gloster, SPUR 2016

Danielle Trevino SPUR 2017 Student“Being a part of the SPUR program provided me with a better understanding of the innovation, dedication, and collaborative learning research fosters. Working in Dr. Robert Brenner’s laboratory, I investigated the gene expression of the KCNMB4 promoter in BK channels and its down regulation after a post-seizure episode. My research experience enabled me to make the connection between applied science and how these discoveries are transformed into evidence-based medicine. As an undergraduate researcher, I developed a deeper appreciation for the scientific advancements that help shape the world of medicine, and I look forward to contributing to these efforts as I begin my MD/MPH degree at Paul L. Foster SOM in El Paso.”

-Danielle Trevino, SPUR 2017

Ida Vaziri SPUR 2018 Student

“The hands-on research experience I gained through the SPUR program has helped me appreciate the importance of research, whether it be in basic science or a clinical setting. After participating in the SPUR program in 2018 under Dr. Bhat’s mentorship, I continued to work in the Banerjee lab and am now attending the Long School of Medicine here at UT Health San Antonio. The SPUR program and my continued involvement in the lab have strengthened and reaffirmed my interest in doing research as a physician, particularly in neuroscience.”

– Ida Vaziri, SPUR 2018

Gianna Davis SPUR 2018 Student

“Participating in the SPUR program allowed me to gain valuable research experience. During my time, I learned many research skills and was shaped into a diligent researcher, which has prepared me to pursue a PhD in neuroscience. While working in Dr. Georgianna Gould’s lab, I was able to experience what being a graduate student could be like. I enjoyed coming to the lab and running experiments, analyzing data, and importantly, learning how to present my work. The SPUR program is an immersive experience that allowed me to gain an in-depth understanding of science culture, which has benefited me in many ways.”

– Gianna Davis, SPUR 2018