Cellular & Integrative Physiology

Blake B. Rasmussen, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Department of Cellular & Integrative Physiology Director, Center for Metabolic Health


1997 - Ph.D. Zoology/Physiology/Cell Biology - Brigham Young University, Utah


Dr. Rasmussen’s research is in the area of muscle physiology and metabolism. Research topics include: 1) molecular mechanisms regulating muscle growth and atrophy in aging and disease; 2) mTORC1 and nutrient signaling in skeletal muscle; 3) molecular transducers of physical activity; and 4) cellular mechanisms underlying metabolic dysfunction. The lab conducts research in both humans and transgenic mouse models.  The goal of the lab is to develop new strategies and therapies to counteract muscle loss with aging (Sarcopenia) and to improve metabolic health in older adults.


Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium (MoTrPAC)
U01 AR071150/AR071130   Rasmussen (PI)   12/07/16-06/30/25

Sex Specific Determinants of Early-Phase Recovery from Skeletal Muscle Disuse
R01 AG064386    Rasmussen (PI)   08/15/19-03/31/25


2022-present   Advisory Editorial Board, Aging Cell

2021                  Honor Award, Texas Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine

2019-2023        Member, NIH Skeletal Muscle & Exercise Physiology Study Section

2012-2016        Member, NIH/AMS Study Section


2000 – Post-doctoral Fellowship – Metabolic Physiology – UTMB


2024 – Present – Professor and Chair, Department of Cellular & Integrative Physiology – UT Health San Antonio
2009 – 2023 – Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Nutrition & Metabolism – University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
2004 – 2009 – Associate Professor of Nutrition & Metabolism – UTMB
2000 – 2004 – Assistant Professor of Integrative & Evolutionary Biology; Kinesiology – University of Southern California

Lab Members

Lab Members:
Tiffany M Cortes, M.D.
Assistant Professor/Clinical
Elaine Moore-Servin
Business Administrator
Jacquelyn T May
Laboratory Manager
Vladislav Bugay
Research Scientist
Allison Renae Stepanenko
Specialist - Barshop Clinical Research Unit Manager - Nurse Practitioner
Gisela Ramirez
Specialist - Nurse Practitioner
Mellyruth Maldonado
Specialist - Nurse Practitioner
Ciara Floyd
Exercise Physiologist
Gabrielle Wilcox
Exercise Physiologist
Carla Assis Lacorte
Exercise Physiologist
Katy Casique Cervantes
Research Area Specialist
Yasmine Luna
Research Area Specialist
Sean Paul Kilroe
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ji Li
Research Associate Senior
Hanna "Anya" Kalenta
Graduate Research Assistant
Erik Marchant
Graduate Research Assistant


NCBI Link to lab publications


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Skeletal Muscle Transcriptome Alterations Related to Declining Physical Function in Older Mice
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