Hye Young Lee, Ph.D



Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Hye Young Lee, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Personal Statement:


B.S., Biological Sciences, Ewha Women's University
Ph.D., Life Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology


Dr. Lee’s research focus is on studying the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) form a heterogeneous neurodevelopmental syndrome characterized by deficits in language development/social interactions, and repetitive behavior/restricted interests. ASD likely arises from a complex combination of risk factors. However, it remains possible that certain aspects of the molecular pathophysiology responsible for ASD are recurrent themes that can inform the underlying neurobiological basis of ASD. The Lee lab focuses on: 1) Identifying the molecular mechanisms responsible for the pathophysiology of autism and related disorders, and using these mechanisms to rescue behavioral dysfunction in mouse models 2) Elucidating specific autistic behaviors including social communication deficits and repetitive behaviors, and identifying the brain region(s) and neuron groups underlying these behavioral deficits in mouse models. To address these questions, Dr. Lee uses molecular and cellular neurobiology tools, in vivo brain imaging, and animal behavioral studies.

Lab Members

Visiting Scientist:

Jennifer Michelle Parrott, Ph.D.
Devendra Kumar, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow:
Seo-Jun Kang, Ph.D.
Research Assistant:
Rodrigo Gonzales-RojasRodrigo Gonzales-Rojas
Eugenio Elizondo
Medical Students:
Jeong Park
Michael Collins
Keerthana Nimmagadda
Imran Khan
Umair Rehman
Undergraduate Students:
Eric Oh
Student associate
(former MRP Student)
Amtul-noor Rana
(former SRD Student)
Vallabhi Annaluru

Srilalitha Lanka
(former NISD Student)
Teena Philip
Izumi Vazquez
(former NISD student)
Laura Beuhler
(former Voelcker Student)
Adhi Chidambaram
(former MRP Student)
Nandhini Pakala
(former MRP Student)
Ben Fletcher
(SURFiN student)
High School Student:
Abbey Muenchow
(current Voelcker Student)
Alexis Kail
(current MRP Student)
Former Lab Members:
Sarah Khoury, M.S.
(former Research Assistant Senior)
Ja Hwan Seol, Ph.D.
(former Research Scientist)
Yu-Ju Chen, Ph.D.
(former Postdoctoral Fellow)
Abhik Paul, Ph.D.
(former Postdoctoral Fellow)
Jan Tuma, Ph.D.
(former Postdoctoral Fellow)
Anshuman Sinha, Ph.D.
(former Postdoctoral Fellow)
Isabel Moh
(former Undergraduate Student)
Shreya Kommera
(former MRP Student)
Alyssa Gutierrez
(former Research Assistant)
Rachel Ann Rice
(former Research Assistant)
Elsie Layman
(former Research Assistant)
Shree Panda
(former Research Assistant)
Peter Mason
(former Voelcker student)
Anagha Kolan
(former NISD Student)
Catherine Clay
(former MRP Student)
Deborah Lee
(former MRP Student)


Please check recent publications from Lee lab at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/myncbi/hye%20young.lee.1/bibliography/public/