Division of Alcohol & Drug Addiction

We are pleased to welcome you to the homepage of the Division of Alcohol and Drug Addiction (DADA). The Division supports 13 member faculty in their academic efforts to discover and share new knowledge on the environmental and biological causes, consequences, and treatments of addictive behavior.  We have a dynamic and diverse faculty actively collaborating in research, education, and patient care (see “DADA Faculty”). Our Research Programs (see “DADA Research Programs”) cover the full range of neurobiological and behavioral investigations in Preclinical (rodents, pigeons, and monkeys) and Clinical (adolescents and adults) study populations and include mechanistic and applied approaches to use science to reduce addiction.  Many of our faculty are affiliated with multiple schools, departments, and educational and administrative programs within the Health Science Center.  Additionally, many of our faculty have research interests extending beyond substance use disorder into other areas of behavior, biology, pharmacology, and psychiatry.  Our faculty practice for patient care is limited – though high quality care is available within those limited practices. We embrace our academic mission to share our discovered knowledge with students of the research and clinical professions and to the larger scientific and lay communities through educational programs sponsored by the University, the Department, and other professional and lay-public community organizations.


The problems of Substance Abuse and Addiction can be solved through research and education.


The Division of Alcohol and Drug Addiction
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Our Divisional Office is located in 741-E of the Medical School Building.