Congratulations to Dr. Diego Maselli and Dr. Antonio Anzueto for co-authoring an article published in CHEST.

Clinical Epidemiology of COPD
Insights From 10 Years of the COPDGene Study

The Genetic Epidemiology of COPD (COPDGene) study is a noninterventional, multicenter,
longitudinal analysis of > 10,000 subjects, including smokers with a $ 10 pack-year history with
and without COPD and healthy never smokers. The goal was to characterize disease-related
phenotypes and explore associations with susceptibility genes. The subjects were extensively
phenotyped with the use of comprehensive symptom and comorbidity questionnaires,
spirometry, CT scans of the chest, and genetic and biomarker profiling. The objective of this
review was to summarize the major advances in the clinical epidemiology of COPD from the first
10 years of the COPDGene study. We highlight the influence of age, sex, and race on the natural
history of COPD, and the impact of comorbid conditions, chronic bronchitis, exacerbations, and
asthma/COPD overlap. CHEST 2019; 156(2):228-238


KEY WORDS: chronic bronchitis; comorbidities; COPD; COPDGene; epidemiology; sex

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