Five therapies for COVID-19 tried, tested at University Hospital

Doctors at University Hospital have launched an aggressive testing campaign of new drugs and treatments they hope will help them create a cocktail for COVID-19 cures in the future.


Diego Maselli, MD

According to Dr. Diego Maselli, medical director of respiratory therapy at University Hospital, the repertoire for hospitalized treatment includes five drug approaches. Some are new, some are old and some are being repurposed in a new format. Each drug has properties that when used in concert or at times alone, they can reduce the worst effects of the virus and its complications. Those complications include a remarkable increase in body inflammation in major organs, which can lead to organ failure and ultimately death.


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Ursula Pari, Anchor
Published: April 23, 2020, 6:36 pmUpdated: April 24, 2020, 8:44 am
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