Cardiothoracic Radiology

The Cardiothoracic Imaging Section of the UT Health San Antonio radiology department is comprised of 3 board-certified, fellowship trained radiologists.  We provide sub-specialty interpretation for cross-sectional imaging, such as cardiac and chest CT/MRI at the MARC (Medical Arts and Research Center), University Hospital, Robert B. Green campus and UT Health Hill Country. We deliver imaging interpretation for the busiest level 1 trauma center in South Texas, University Hospital. We perform a one-stop, triple rule-out protocol CT for the evaluation of coronary arteries, pulmonary arteries, and aorta. The hospital has a well-developed program for patients with interstitial lung disease and is a reputed lung transplant center. We interpret a large volume of high-resolution CTs in the evaluation of a variety of interstitial lung pathologies. Affiliation with the Mays Cancer Center provides a high volume of oncology imaging. In addition to supplying excellent patient care services, our team also focuses on resident teaching and clinical research. Every year, cardiothoracic faculty members present at national and international meetings and have published many scholarly articles in esteemed journals. We offer a one-year cardiothoracic radiology fellowship program. Our team prides itself on performing state of the art cardiothoracic imaging, including the following techniques:

Cardiothoracic Imaging Examinations:

  • CCTA for cardiovascular procedure planning such as TAVR left atrial closure and pulmonary venous mapping for ablation
  • CT Angiography of the coronary arteries
  • Emergency ‘triple rule out’ CT for the exclusion of aortic dissection, pulmonary embolism, and coronary artery disease
  • CT coronary calcium scoring in coronary artery disease screening
  • CT for evaluation of oncology patients
  • Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging: viability protocol
  • Phase contrast cardiac MR imaging for assessment of heart valves and great vessels
  • MR angiogram of the thoracic aorta
  • MR and CT evaluation of congenital heart diseases


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