Welcome from the Department of Radiology

Dr. Rajeev Suri

The Department of Radiology at the UT Health San Antonio is a dynamic academic enterprise that is a leader in comprehensive patient care, multidisciplinary education and innovation in Texas and beyond.


Our major strengths include:


  • Clinical and educational partnerships with two health care systems – University Health and UT Health San Antonio – integrated to provide the highest quality care to the communities we serve. We currently perform nearly half a million exams across our practices. With the meteoric growth we are seeing across both healthcare systems, we could likely double our imaging capacity in the next 5-10 years, allowing us to be more impactful in all our missions – more diverse educational opportunities, more collaborative innovation and improved access to care.


  • ACGME accredited Residency Programs for Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology Integrated residency training that produce healthcare leaders of tomorrow.
  • Fellowship programs for Body Imaging and Intervention, Body MR Imaging, Breast Imaging and Intervention, Cardiothoracic, Emergency Radiology, Intervention Radiology Independent, Neuroradiology, and Breast/Women’s Imaging and Intervention.
  • Professional Doctorate of Medical Physics program (first in South Texas), and one of the largest Radiological Sciences Graduate Degree Program in the United States in alliance with the UT Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.
  • Master of Science in Imaging Science Program for radiology technologists in alliance with the UT School of Health Professions.


  • Ranked in the top 50 for NIH research funding for the last 5 years, with increase in the 2023 NIH funding to $ 2.9 million. This will continue to increase as we partner with the UT Biggs Institute for ADRD and the UT Research Imaging Institute, especially with the 7 Tesla MR scanner coming soon for our UT Center for Brain Health (2026).
  • Innovative research laboratories that produced the Vascular Stent & Endothelial Cell Research by Dr. Julio C. Palmaz (Inventor of the Palmaz™ intravascular stent), Biomolecular Nanoparticle Imaging and Therapeutic Systems and the Organ flow lab for Oncological Imaging and Interventions research.
  • Clinical trials division that studies investigational drugs/contrast agents or devices which are an important part of the process to assure their safety and efficacy.

We are part of UT Health San Antonio and our imaging centers are located at the Medical Arts Research Center (MARC), UT Health Hill Country, and UT Health Kyle Seale Parkway. UT Health San Antonio’s inpatient facility, the Multispecialty and Research Hospital, will open soon in December 2024.  The hospital will offer specialty care in cancer, orthopedics, urology, and thoracic and bariatric surgery. It will also be the site of early phase clinical trials, including immunologic and stem cell therapies for cancer. The growth in UT Imaging Centers coming up in the near future includes UT Breast Health Center at the Mays Cancer Center (fall 2024), UT Health Westover Hills (summer 2025), and the Human Performance Institute (spring 2026). The UT Health Center for Brain Health projected for starting 2026, will bring the first 7 Tesla MRI magnet to San Antonio and South Texas and add to our PET CT capabilities for neurocognitive diseases.

Our primary clinical partner, the University Health System, has two hospitals – a 600-bed hospital with a Level 1 Trauma center; and a 200-bed University Health Women’s and Children’s Hospital (opened in December 2023), both providing tertiary level care to patients in all sub-specialties. Another University Health Imaging Center is located at the downtown Robert B. Green Campus providing cross-sectional imaging for our ambulatory care network. Two new 250-bed University Health Community Hospitals will be coming up in 2027-28, further improving care and imaging access to the underserved communities in north and south San Antonio.

The partnership between our department, the medical school and our collaborating facilities creates a stimulating environment which fosters professional growth and development for “Team Radiology” members and for each of our clinical, educational, and research programs.

I invite you to continue browsing through our website to learn more about our mission and academic practice. It is my hope that at the end of your visit, you will come to realize that the Department of Radiology at UT Health San Antonio does in fact make lives better through excellence in education, research, health care and community engagement.

Rajeev Suri, MD, MBA, FACR, FSIR,
Professor and Chair Department of Radiology
UT System Distinguished Teaching Professor
Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine UT Health San Antonio