General Surgery Residency Program

The Department of Surgery is committed to providing quality healthcare in surgical specialties and subspecialties, we promise our patients competent and informed surgeons, a safe and healthy clinical environment, and a system of informed and good practices regarding the surgical care that is rendered.

Plastic Surgery Residency Program

The Division of Plastic Surgery in the Department of Surgery provides the formal educational program based in the University tradition. The principal goal is to provide a broad-based experience in the principles and practice of plastic surgery. The curriculum is sequenced so that all topics of the plastic surgery core curriculum, as described in the Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Curriculum, are presented in a three-year cycle.

Resident Research Program

Our residents have the opportunity to spend one, two, or three additional years doing clinical, translational, and/or basic science research between the clinical PG2 and PG3 years. Conducting research during residency is highly recommended; however, it is not required for incoming interns who elect to apply for the non-research track.

Simulation-Based Training Resources

Simulation-Based Training Resources

The Johnson Center for Surgical Innovation (JCSI) was created from collaborative efforts between the Department of Surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (UTHSCSA), members of the J. Bradley Aust Surgical Society and the Johnson family in honor of Dr. Stewart M. ‘Skeet’ Johnson and Mr. Hugh M. Johnson.

Johnson Center for Surgical Innovation (JCSI)