At UT Health San Antonio we are committed to the highest quality of patient care while protecting the health and safety of our clinical staff.

UT Health San Antonio’s policy is that no resident shall participate in the care of a COVID-19 positive or PUI without the appropriate PPE. If there is no appropriate PPE for the resident, he or she will not participate in the procedure.  Throughout the pandemic, there has been available PPE for all members of our team.

Our department remains supportive of our faculty and residents as they continue to care for our patients in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.  Vaccinations were offered to residents and faculty simultaneously when they became available, and on-site testing for COVID related symptoms remains in place for our members and their families.

As health care workers, we are all in this together, and we are proud of how our anesthesia family has worked together to care for each other and our patients in these unprecedented times.

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