At UT Health San Antonio we are committed to the highest quality of patient care while protecting the health and safety of our clinical staff.

No resident shall participate in the care of a COVID-19 positive or PUI without the appropriate PPE. If there is no appropriate PPE for the resident, he or she will not participate in the procedure.

The department has ordered and received half-face respirators for our residents. They will be distributed under the guidance of Dr. Boies and the Education Office with the SOP for maintenance.

We have instituted an Airway Response Team. Our plan is to provide 24/7 in-house faculty coverage for this endeavor. The team will consist of a faculty and CRNA or a faculty and a call resident. Our UHS CRNA’s will cover about 2/3’s of the effort, and the residents the remaining time. The VA CRNA’s will assist in the VA effort. The resident will not be left alone in these tasks.

We also recognize that this time can be stressful for residents and take a toll on their mental health. The GME office has taken several measures to try to help: we have coordinated with HEB (a local grocery store chain) to expand curbside grocery pickup hours to accommodate health care workers, have coordinated discounts at Walgreens, HCPs to the front of the line at Costco and Sam’s Sunday morning access. We have created a database for childcare matching to help residents with children find babysitters or nannies as well as compiled a database of open and in some cases discounted daycares available to health-care workers. The office of GME has organized for resident care packages and UHS has approved house staff vacation carryover through 12/31/2020.

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