NMR Laboratory Safety

1. Never enter the NMR laboratory if you have a pacemaker.

2. Never carry any metallic objects into the NMR laboratory. This especially applies to large metal objects (like a hammer or a pair of pliers), but also includes smaller items such as keys, screws, or paperclips. All of these objects will be attracted to the magnet if you get close enough causing danger to both you and the magnet.

3. Please keep the plastic safety chains in place at all times. Many people do not understand that the magnets are even magnets. The plastic chains and attached signs are very effective in terms of indicating the potential danger (even if may not be apparent what that danger is).

4. Leave the doors open while you are working in the NMR room – if there is magnet quench, all of the air in the room will be displaced by helium gas that is created, thus potentially causing you to suffocate. If you think the magnet is quenching, leave the room immediately.

5. Restrict access to the NMR rooms by keeping the doors closed and locked when not occupied.