Spring 2023 Seminars

Friday January 20, 2023

Topic: “Insights into the Hairpin-Rolling Replication Mechanism by Adeno-Associated Virus Rep Proteins”
Carlos Escalante, PhD, Professor
Virginia Commonwealth University
Hosted by: Dr. Yogesh Gupta
In-Person at LSOM 309L

Friday February 3, 2023

Topic: “Chemical Strategies for Regulating DNAInteractive Proteins: Targeting APOBEC Cytosine Deaminases and the N-Myc Transcription Factor”
Daniel Harki, PhD, Northrop Professor
University of Minnesota
Hosted by: Dr. Reuben Harris

Friday February 17, 2023

Topic: “APOBEC Enzymes at the Crossroads Between Anti-Viral Activity and Cancer Mutagenesis”
Remi Buisson, PhD, Assistant Professor
University of California-Irvine
Hosted by: Dr. Reuben Harris

Friday March 3, 2023

Topic: “Structural Visualization of Chromatin Regulatory Complexes by Cryo-EM”
Speaker: Yuan He, PhD, Associate Professor
Northwestern University
Hosted by: Dr. Weixing Zhao

Friday March 31, 2023

Topic: “Mechanisms of Genome Rearrangements from Mitotic Errors and Micronuclei”
Speaker: Peter Ly, PhD, Assistant Professor
UT Southwestern
Hosted by: Dr. Patrick Sung

Friday April 14, 2023

Topic: “Understanding Human Genetic Variation with Precision Genome Editing Tools”
Alexis Komor, PhD, Assistant Professor
University of California-San Diego
Hosted by: Dr. Reuben Harris

Friday May 12, 2023

Topic: “How Ribosomes are Made in Human Cells”
Speaker: Arnaud Vanden Broeck, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Rockefeller University
Hosted by: Dr. Elizabeth Wasmuth

Friday May 26, 2023

Topic: “Understanding Molecular Mechanism of Current Precision Genome Editing Tools: how Adenine Base Editors modify DNA”
Speaker: Audrone Lapinaite, PhD, Assistant Professor
Arizona State University
Hosted by: Dr. Reuben Harris

For more information on the virtual seminars, please contact Diane Galvan