Salaries (AY 2023-24

  • PGY-4: $64,965.42
  • PGY-6: $67,193.44
  • PGY-7: $69,095.44
  • PGY-7: $71,567.93

San Antonio has a favorable cost of living.

Major Benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance

Meals, Parking & Uniforms:

  • Monthly meal stipend for extended call at University Hospital
  • Complimentary parking for all housestaff provided by University Hospital
  • White lab coats provided free of charge to incoming housestaff by University Hospital

Other Benefits: 

CardioSource Plus – valued at $5500 – provides access to the following resources:
  • Board prep activities
  • Thousands of high-quality self-assessment questions
  • Hundreds of points toward Part II of the ABIM’s MOC program
  • Hundreds of hours of CME credit, including 85 echo credits
  • 15 nuclear cardiology credits
  • A library of heart murmurs (Heart Songs)
  • Access to ACCSAP, CathSAP, EchoSAP, EP SAP, HF SAP
Complimentary membership to the American College of Cardiology (ACC) as a Fellow in Training (FIT).
Chief Fellows receive $1000 reimbursement toward Board fees.
Other reimbursements considered on an individual basis.

Vacation Time & Sick Leave:

  • 3 weeks of paid vacation time per year.
  • 10 paid days of sick leave per year for injury or illness.
  • Sick leave can be carried over through academic years during fellowship.
  • Although not a separate leave or extended leave, housestaff may use a combination of sick leave and vacation time for maternity, paternity, or other extended leave.