The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery research program is primarily faculty driven and encompasses a wide variety of projects. These include basic science animal model studies, outcomes research and education studies. Most provide opportunities for involvement by residents and medical students. Those interested can review the current research projects and contact the responsible faculty directly. We also encourage attendance at our weekly research meetings. This meeting serves as a forum for updates and discussion regarding the ongoing projects. They are held every Wednesday from 12:30 – 1:30 socially distanced in the conference room in our office at 211L.

The meeting can also be accessed virtually. Details on access can be obtained by contacting our research coordinator, Dr. Nitin Das (email address).

Students and Residents: If you are interested in participating in Departmental Research activities please fill out the REDCap questionnaire. This is also for those applying for the Alphonso Chiscano Summer Research Scholarship Award in General Thoracic Surgery.

Alphonso Chiscano Summer Research Award in General Thoracic Surgery: 

The purpose of the award is to introduce the field of General Thoracic Surgery to either a first or second-year medical student who is interested in performing research, with goals of broadening their educational experience by providing an opportunity to spend their summer break working in the Division of General Thoracic Surgery Research Lab.

Eligible applicants are invited to apply for the 2021 Alphonso Chiscano Summer Research Internship Award in General Thoracic Surgery as per instructions circulated through the UT Health Long School of Medicine and in this Chiscano-Summer-Research-Internship-Award-announcement (pdf document). The application deadline is now closed for 2021.

Current Recipient:

John Treffalls (Class of 2023)

Past Recipients:

2017 – Chirag Buch (Class of 2020)

2018 – Mitchell Katona (Class of 2020)

2019 – Christian Jacobsen (Class of 2022)

Dr. Andrea J. Carpenter

The Department of CT Surgery has given me the ability to expand my research and passion.
– Andrea J. Carpenter, M.D. Ph.D.