Patient Care

At UT Health San Antonio, our goal is to help lead a cohesive group of surgeons and healthcare providers dedicated to providing seamless excellent and attentive care. We strive to provide state of the art clinical care guided by the best available research and evidence. We try to balance innovation with value. In San Antonio and the surrounding region, you will find no better masters of their profession. Our team is the only one like it in our region, a multi-specialty academic practice dedicated to providing outstanding care to a full range of cardiovascular conditions from birth to geriatric ages.

We are proud of consistently having outcomes not exceeded by any in our region. Our team frequently treats complex patients that others would not. This kind of work is humbly rewarding. We truly love what we do and enjoy caring for all patients from the most incredibly complex to those with the “simplest” of heart, lung or esophageal conditions.  Our congenital heart program was the first in the region. We have done some incredibly complex repairs, doing the very first neonatal Ross procedure in the United States. Our mitral valve repair program was the first in this region as well and has an outstanding track record of success. Our lung transplant program was the second in the US and has now done over 600 transplants starting over thirty years ago.

You may hear some say somewhat negatively that learners are involved with your care in our program, but it should be pointed out that some of the finest physicians in our community received their education at UT Health San Antonio. With that in mind, we are committed to each and every patient as if it were our loved one. Each of our team approaches patient care in the way they wish it would be done for themselves. Although we hope you do not have a problem with your heart, lungs, esophagus or any other chest disease related illness, if you do, call us, we won’t let you down.

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