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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Rebecca Medina, MSN, RN

Thoracic Surgery Nurse Coordinator

Personal Statement:

Rebecca Medina, Thoracic Surgery Nurse coordinator/case manager has been with the U.T Health Cardiothoracic Department since 2005. Her nursing career started in July 2000 when she graduated from Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, Texas as a Licensed Vocational Nurse, she became a Registered Nurse in 2010 and in 2016 she received her Master’s Degree in Nursing Management and Leadership from Western Governor’s University.

She brings a wide experience to her position including prior family practice, bedside cancer patient care, post anesthesia care and cardiac intensive care.  In addition, she has been the administrative supervisor of a multi-modality clinic which cared for surgical, pulmonary and cancer patients.

Currently, Ms. Medina coordinates all thoracic clinics for the Department.  She is responsible for preop and post op teaching for patients with lung cancer, esophageal cancer, esophageal abnormalities, recurrent hiatal hernias and other abnormalities of the lungs and chest. In addition, she coordinates and attends all weekly Thoracic Tumor Board meetings. As a member of the Tumor Board, she works with our surgeons as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team in collaboration with radiation oncology, medical oncology and pathology to formulate and then help communicate the best possible treatment to each of our patients. She assists in research projects for the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department as it relates to these thoracic surgical patients.

In her free time, she loves hanging out with her family, spending time at the beach and frequently volunteers with teams from UT or San Antonio in support of regional catastrophes. (e.g., Becky has assisted in support of victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey).

Rebecca serves as the primary nurse for Drs. Daniel DeArmond, Scott Johnson and Duy Nguyen. Ms. Medina is available for questions about our thoracic team or to assist with scheduling an appointment.