Optical Imaging Facility Fees

Operating Hours  8 am – 8 pm          8 pm – 8 am & Weekends
Confocal/Multiphoton/Fluorescence Lifetime $40.00 / hour $30.00 / hour
Zeiss Lightsheet 7 $50.00 / hour $50.00 / hour
Widefield Multiparameter Imaging $30.00 / hour $20.00 / hour
* Whole Animal Imaging (Fluorescence, Bioluminescence)
Xenogen IVIS Spectrum (CSA Assisted) $75.00 / hour
Xenogen IVIS Spectrum (CSA Unassisted) $50.00 / hour
Xenogen IVIS Spectrum (Assisted) $100.00 / hour
Xenogen IVIS Spectrum (Unassisted) $75.00 / hour

* Instrument is managed by Core Optical Imaging Facility on behalf of the Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy.

  • Training Fees $75.00 per trainee per instrument
  • Assisted instrument operation will be charged an additional $35.00 / hour
  • Academic clients from other campuses may be charged the hourly rate plus a percentage for overhead.
  • Commercial clients will be charged double the hourly rate for all services.
  • Additional discounts will be given to clients affiliated with Program Project Grants that provide support to the Core Optical Imaging Facility
  • Discounts do not apply to Xenogen usage.

Publication Acknowledgements:

The facility should be listed in the “Acknowledgements” section of any publication using data generated in the OIF as follows:

  • Images were generated in the Core Optical Imaging Facility which is supported by UT Health San Antonio and NIH-NCI P30 CA54174.
  • Zeiss Lightsheet 7 users need to include this additional acknowledgement: The Zeiss Lightsheet 7 microscope was funded by NIH S10 grant 1S10OD030383-01.