Optical Imaging Facility Rules

  • Clients applying for use of the facility must have their projects approved by COIF staff
  • Training of all hands-on clients is to be done by COIF staff ONLY
  • No untrained individuals may use COIF instruments without constant supervision by OIF staff or a trained client (with permission of the staff)
  • Appointments listed on the calendar will be documented daily by COIF staff.
  • If a client is 15 min late for an appointment the appointment may be forfeit.
  • If a client cancels an appointment they must update the calendar to notify other users and the COIF staff. If no cancellation is noted on the calendar the client may be charged for the time reserved.
  • If a cancelled appointment is the last one of the day it is the client’s responsibility to make certain that the instrument is shut down properly. Voice mail messages to the COIF staff are not acceptable.
  • Clients may login to the instruments only with their individual passwords. Common lab passwords are not acceptable.
  • Data may be stored on the hard drive on the computer no more than 3 days (including weekends). After 3 days the data may be deleted without notification.
  • Infractions of the rules will be handled first by a verbal reprimand to the individual, second by written reprimand to the individual, third by written reprimand to the PI at which point the client will be put on probation. A fourth infraction will result in being banned from using any equipment in the OIF.
  • Appeals to these actions may be made to the Advisory Committee of the COIF.
  • Please read Health Science Center Handbook of Operating Procedures pertaining to Shared Facilities – 7.5.1

Publication Acknowledgements:

The facility should be listed in the “Acknowledgements” section of any publication using data generated in the OIF as follows:

  • Images were generated in the Core Optical Imaging Facility which is supported by UT Health San Antonio and NIH-NCI P30 CA54174.
  • Zeiss Lightsheet 7 users need to include this additional acknowledgement: The Zeiss Lightsheet 7 microscope was funded by NIH S10 grant 1S10OD030383-01.

Copies of all publications generated from work performed in the facility should be submitted to Jimmy Wewer, Facility Technician.

Information on all grants that are submitted that contain progress report data and/or preliminary results data collected in the core facility should be submitted to Jimmy Wewer, Facility Technician. Specifically requested are the title, granting agency, and funding status.