The Dermatology Interest Group, known as DIG, was founded in the spring of 2008 with the hope of bringing together and informing medical students that are interested in the field of Dermatology. DIG hopes to serve as a valuable resource to medical students by providing support, faculty contacts, community service and dynamic events.

Purpose of Interest Group

  1. Inform the student body of opportunities in Dermatology.
  2. Establish connections between medical professionals and students.
  3. Promote Dermatology as a career choice.
  4. Offer students interests in Dermatology the opportunity to serve the community through student run skin clinics.

The Dermatology Interest Group Association serves as the national association for Dermatology Interest Groups and is currently comprised of groups from 30 medical schools nationwide. As a member group of DIGA, we hope to collaborate in their mission and their activities.

The mission of DIGA as a student-run, non-profit organization is to:

  • Provide a forum for communication between students and professionals in Dermatology
  • Create a network of collaboration between DIGs nationwide.
  • To enhance teamwork and increase participation in early detection of critical dermatological conditions.
  • To provide a support group for students considering a career in dermatology.

Currently, DIG does not have an official membership. However, those who are interested in becoming involved are welcome to contact the current presidents to get more information about getting involved. We take pride in having a diverse group of medical students from all classes. We do not collect membership dues and instead focus our efforts on our annual Run From The Sun 5K. All funds go towards meeting expenses, member activities, and the student-run Travis Park Dermatology Clinic downtown.

2019-2020 Officers

Co-Presidents: Tony Vu, Ruby Gilson
Vice President: Anisha Guda
Travis Park Clinical Director: Caroline Zhu, Rahul Patel
Interest Group Meeting Planner: Samiya Khan
Run From The Sun (RFTS) 5K Director: Tony Vu
Secretary: Madeline Mathieu
Treasurer: Kavina Patel
Design/Social Media Chair: Clark Gravell
DIGA National Liaison: Emily Henkel