Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is a great way for students to explore the career opportunities available in the field of Family Medicine, while participating in a variety of community service projects and special events. Our mission is to stimulate interest and facilitate exploration into the field of Family Medicine by sponsoring community outreach projects, special events, guest speakers, as well as provide opportunities for involvement in local, state and national conferences.

2021-2022 FMIG Officers

Naqvi, Amna

Amna Naqvi - President

Hometown:  Houston, TX
Undergraduate Degree & School:  Biochemistry at UT Austin
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  Although I hadn’t considered family medicine before coming into medical school, I chose to become a part of FMIG after attending my first meeting because what the speakers said really drew me into the specialty. I enjoy the aspect of longitudinal care that family medicine physicians get to provide and the variety of patients and conditions they get to treat.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  I have a cat named Rosie, short for Rosalind Franklin

Bowden, Sunny

Sunny Bowden - Vice President

Hometown:  Dallas, TX
Undergraduate Degree & School: BA in Medicine at Vanderbilt University
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?: I am interested in pursuing a career as a primary care physician for the wide reach of the profession which I believe would allow me to best serve my community!
Fun Fact/Hobby:  I love to bake in my free time.

Mai, Ashley

Ashley Mai - Secretary

Hometown:  Plano, TX
Undergraduate Degree & School:  BS Biology & BS Public Health at Southern Methodist University
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?: I joined FMIG because I love the idea of treating a whole family unit and continuing a lifelong relationship with my future patients.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  Trying new restaurants!

Kaur, Savreet

Saveet Kaur - Treasurer

Hometown:  Wylie, TX
Undergraduate Degree & School:  BS in Neuroscience from The University of Texas at Dallas
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?: I wanted to join FMIG in order to meet like-minded people who are also focused on a career in primary care as well as to learn more about the specialty. In addition, I wanted to take on a leadership role to get other students excited about the rewards of one day getting to take care of patients of all ages and feel connected with your community by doing so.
Fun Fact/Hobby: When I am not studying I like to play with my Tuxedo cat named Apollo, complete paint by numbers while listening to true crime podcasts, and take care of my succulents.

Ponomareva, Natalya

Natalya Ponomareva - Health Slam Chair

Hometown:  Austin, TX (born in Novosibirsk, Russia)
Undergraduate Degree & School:  BA in Molecular Biology at Pomona College
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  Academically, I love the breadth of expertise that Family Medicine offers; personally, the continuity of care, the opportunity to listen to patients’ life experiences, and the chance to become an important part of someone’s life are the aspects of Family Medicine that have drawn me in. FMIG allows me to get to know faculty and peers that share my mindset and helps me get involved in various community projects, like HealthSlam and TarWars. It has been difficult to navigate the virtual world of student engagement, but I am excited to bring FMIG events to student peers and community members alike.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  Dancing and singing have always been a significant presence in my life. While I primarily focused on ballet growing up, I am now learning swing and flamenco. Although COVID has complicated the art of singing together, I have also been able to continue singing through Egophony, our student a cappella group, and the San Antonio Choral Society.

Lee, John

John Lee - Community Outreach Coordinator

Hometown:  Plano, TX
Undergraduate Degree & School:  BS Chemical Engineering & BS Mathematics at UT Austin
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  I felt that family medicine physicians play central roles in the community, and I saw significant community involvement in FMIG’s activities as well. Because of the importance of community in my upbringing, I wanted to give back. Further, family medicine is a broad field that covers many techniques and populations. As someone who has not yet figured out which populations or specialties that I most appreciate, the variety of exposure appeals to me greatly.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 5 years.

Trong Phat Do – Tar Wars Chair

Hometown:  Ho Chi Minh City
Undergraduate Degree & School:  BS in Biology from Texas Christian University
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  I love the opportunity to take direct care of patients in our community. I also like applying what I learn at school into clinics and organizing health fairs and education programs for our community.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing badminton, reading, and learning about finances.