Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is a great way for students to explore the career opportunities available in the field of Family Medicine, while participating in a variety of community service projects and special events. Our mission is to stimulate interest and facilitate exploration into the field of Family Medicine by sponsoring community outreach projects, special events, guest speakers, as well as provide opportunities for involvement in local, state and national conferences.

2022-2023 FMIG Officers


Marco Flores - President

Hometown:  Dallas, Texas
Undergraduate Degree & School:  Neuroscience and Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  I chose to be a part of FMIG because of the ability to build lasting relationships with patients and their communities. I want to learn more about the specialty and be able to host events that encourage more students to consider a career in primary care.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  I like to watch science fiction movies!

Jones, Jessica

Jessica Jones - Vice President

Hometown:  Rio Grande City, Texas
Undergraduate Degree & School:  Bachelor’s in Biology from University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  I chose to become a part of the FMIG because Family medicine is a specialty that encompasses a lot of my passions: establishing close relationships with patients, working with the underserved, and enforcing preventive medicine. Beyond that, I wanted to become more familiar with the specialty myself and have the opportunity to show others what FM has to offer!
Fun Fact/Hobby:  I am surprisingly good at arcade basketball. Before I started med school a friend of mine actually told me to forget about med school and to somehow find a career in arcade basketball games!

Muzquiz, Sofia

Sofia Muzquiz - Secretary

Hometown:  Brownsville, Texas
Undergraduate Degree & School:  Biology from the University of Texas at San Antonio
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  Although I am not sure what my future specialty will be, Family Medicine is at the top of my list. I wanted the opportunity to further explore the specialty and work with the incredible faculty here at the Long School of Medicine! I am excited to host events and guest speakers so that all medical students can be exposed to Family Medicine.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  I love spending time with my family and going on spontaneous adventures with them!

Perhach, Anna

Anna Perhach - Treasurer

Hometown:  Carlsbad (San Diego), California
Undergraduate Degree & School:  Economics, Molecular Cell Biology from UC Berkeley
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  I joined FMIG because I’m interested in preventative care and long lasting relationships with patients.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  I balloon twist.

Kee, Shannon

Shannon Kee - Health Slam/Tar Wars Chair

Hometown:  Milpitas, California
Undergraduate Degree & School:  Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from UC San Diego
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  I am excited for the opportunity to connect with the community through projects such as TarWars and HealthSlam, and to help share the rewarding aspects of primary care as part of FMIG.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  Cooking with friends!

Gorantla, Sruti

Sruti Gorantla - Community Outreach Coordinator

Hometown:  Irving, Texas
Undergraduate Degree & School:  Biology major from University of Texas Austin
Why did you choose to become a part of FMIG?:  I become part of FMIG because I am interested in family medicine. I like how you can really get to know patients from different ages and can treat different illnesses.
Fun Fact/Hobby:  I like to draw, read, and bake in my free time.