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Mentoring for the Department of Family & Community Medicine is about allowing our faculty to hone their leadership, decision-making and critical thinking skills. Mentors Corner is about highlighting our faculty, their interests, expertise and desire to authentically connect with others!   Mentoring is a gift of one’s perspective, time and depth of experience. Galke & Swayer (2020) acknowledge that “mentoring is about more than giving advice… [mentoring] encompasses motivation and empowerment that stems from truly understanding the mentee.”

Galke, C.L. & Swayer, J.W. (2020). Mentoring in family medicine education.

Marcy Wiemers, MD, FAAFP

Marcy Wiemers, MD

Interested in Mentoring: I primarily mentor residents and faculty. I really enjoy these interactions. I mentor students entering residency and early clinical students when trying to figure out future endeavors.

Areas of interest and experience for collaboration:  My primary area of interest is educational innovation and teaching skills outside of direct clinical knowledge needed to be an effective physician. I love brainstorming with many individuals on complex problems.

Current Projects: General curriculum improvement is my focus along with supporting other areas of specific interests the residents want to develop. I have a specific interest in seamlessly incorporating multiple educational opportunities into one clinical experience.

Additional Thoughts on Mentoring: I love to support the variety and diversity of service Family Physicians can supply to benefit patient’s health.

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