LLAMA:  Pre-Medical Student Shadowing Program

What is the LLAMA Program?LLAMA Logo
LLAMA is a program that provides pre-med college students an opportunity to shadow a Family Medicine physician while learning about the specialty, which provides first contact as well as ongoing and preventive care to patients of all ages.

Why participate in the LLAMA Program?
Shadowing physicians is the best way to determine whether the practice of medicine is a good career fit. Most medical schools require applicants shadow physicians to demonstrate they understand what the practice of family medicine entails.

How is the program structured?
Students are matched with a physician they shadow based on the student’s interests. The setting and patient population the student shadows will depend on the preceptor’s practice. LLAMA also provides the opportunity to be matched with a medical student mentor, research mentor and attend group sessions about important topics in Family Medicine.

We are not accepting applications to the program at this time. Please check back later, thank you!