Christian Cervantes Elected SGA President

Christian Cervantes was recently elected as President of the Student Government Association (SGA). Christian is a 3rd-year Ph.D. candidate in the laboratory of Dr. Zhenming Xu. As President. Christian represents the institutional student body, comprising of the Medical, Dental, Health Professions, Graduate, and Nursing schools. The SGA is a collective of students representing their individual schools to provide a unified voice to institutional leadership; their purpose, as defined on their website, is to “discuss issues pertinent to the entire Health Science Center and organize events to unify all students and faculty on campus.”

Christian was elected to office by a vote of the entire student body. This prestigious position is a testament to Christian’s character, integrity, leadership, and academic success. In a statement regarding his presidential initiatives, Christian aims to build positive and long-term relationships required for SGA to reach its full potential by working closely with student advocates. In addition, one of the main initiatives is to recognize the students for their hard work during the pandemic. Amid the difficult, stressful, and unpredictable circumstances faced in the last two years, students demonstrated a high level of resilience and commitment to their education. Although virtual meeting platforms made it possible to continue having interactions with fellow classmates, the physical component of interacting and creating bonds was missing. There are a number of events planned for the upcoming year to bring some sense of normalcy and help to connect students with fellow classmates.

Christian’s leadership extends beyond trainees and is present throughout the Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics. He is a valued member of our department, and we know he will be an excellent steward of this distinguished role. We wish him success in his upcoming term and extend a profound congratulations!

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