Dr. Al-Saiegh and his wife, Sally, pose for a photo at their baby shower.

Baby Shower 2023 – Sally and Fadi Al-Saiegh, MD

September 20, 2023

Last Friday, team members from the Department of Neurosurgery gathered together for a baby shower celebrating Sally and Fadi Al-Saiegh, MD. We wish them both the very best as they prepare to welcome their first child into the world. Get ready to take lots of pictures!

Alexander Papanastassiou, MD, Treats Patient with DBS

September 15, 2023

UT Health published this article about Carl McLain, a patient with Parkinson’s disease who was treated by Alexander Papanastassiou, MD, using deep brain stimulation. Carl reported an improvement in his symptoms after surgery and describes the event as a turning point in his life. You can learn more about his journey by visiting the link […]