A 3D illustration of the human body highlighting the nervous system.


We provided comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for patients with disorders involving the blood vessels of the brain and spine.

People wearing scrubs and standing over someone with medical instruments.


Neurocritical Care is a sub-specialty of critical care where providers are trained to care for patients with disease or injury to the brain and/or spinal cord and associated nerves.

A happy-looking child sitting in the grass.


Our doctors are collaborating with UT Health’s multidisciplinary clinics to redefine the standard of care for children.

Our mission in health care

Here at UT Health Neurosurgery, patients are our primary focus. It is our mission to provide you and your family with expert, state of the art and compassionate care. We provide diagnosis, treatment, and recovery and walk you through the whole process with informative, comforting guidance.

To bring you the full spectrum of care, we treat a variety of brain, skull, spine and nerve conditions. Each of our physicians is skilled in general neurosurgery and trained in a specific specialty. And thanks to our department’s strong focus on research and education, our doctors remain well informed of the latest neuroscience advances, techniques, and technologies available for patients.

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