Our Mission

Scientists, physicians, staff and trainees in the Long School of Medicine are driven by curiosity and passion to uncover the fundamental principles of how biological systems function. A deeper understanding of these processes is key to unraveling the disease mechanisms and to treat many pathologies that afflict mankind. Whether a disease is linked to a genetic mutation or caused by unknown factors, its cure or efficient management will come from physicians and scientists working hand in hand to design evidence-based therapies.

The Office for Research supports Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine faculty and trainees to achieve their research goals. We provide programs and services to support strategic research areas in which we are already an established leader, build capacity in new research areas, and provide opportunities for the JTLLSOM to continue as a leader in research from bench to bedside and beyond.

Faculty research resources and medical student research support services can be found by following the links to the right.  Scholars@UTHealthSanAntonio is a searchable platform that uses publication data to allow UT Health faculty to be identified by research interest areas, research name, or institutional affiliation. Research Connect is a web-based platform that connects JTLLSOM faculty, residents, and medical students with research opportunities.


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