Getting Started in Research

Research Training Electives

Before reaching out to LSOM faculty consider the following information

  • Be realistic about your time commitment
  • Evaluate your research interests and understand your reason for committing to a project
  • Think about mentor characteristics that appeal to your learning style and will challenge you for professional growth

Consider utilizing the following email template to connect with faculty

Dear Dr. [insert name],

My name is ___ and I’m a __ year medical student here at Long. I’m interested in [insert discipline/specialty], and am particularly interested in your work regarding [x interest]. I wanted to reach out to inquire if there are any opportunities to get involved with your research. I have [insert # of hours] hours each week this semester I can dedicate to your work. I would be comfortable doing a [lab work, literature review, survey, data analysis, etc.], but am open to other opportunities as well. [Include brief description of relevant experience if applicable]. Thank you in advance!


[Your name here]


This course will provide students with an overview of basic research study design and methods. The goal of this elective is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to design a standard research protocol, thereby achieving success in their individual research endeavors. Through a combination of didactic lectures and individualized mentoring, students will learn how to conduct and interpret research literature, the basics of research ethics and regulatory considerations, and about basic study designs and data analysis. Throughout this semester long elective, students will work on a research protocol, and at the conclusion they will submit this protocol, thereby demonstrating their knowledge and application of the principles learned.

Contact Dr. Jason Rosenfeld, Dr.P.H., M.P.H. for more information (

Course Goals:

The LSOM Basic Science Training Elective provides 1st and 2nd year medical students with technical training on fundamental basic science techniques.


  • Under a peer-to-peer teaching model, senior doctoral candidates lead the lectures and the hands-on technical trainings for medical students
  • A formal training opportunity for medical students to learn fundamental basic science techniques from potential senior labmates
  • Students will be better equipped with vetted technical skills to participate in basic science research during medical school

How to Apply?

The elective class size is limited due to the laboratory resources required for the hands-on technical trainings, and the small group size will increase interaction opportunities for the students. To this end, the basic science training elective will support up to 20 students that will be separated into two 10-student groups. To be considered for enrollment, please review the course syllabus and complete the elective application. Applicants will be notified by email, if selected to register for the course.


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