Program Benefits


Several group health insurance plans are available and premiums are payroll deducted. Medical malpractice insurance is provided.

Vacation Policy:
All residents receive 15 working days of vacation per year.
UHS Holiday and Payroll Calendar

Sick Leave:
Residents and Fellows are entitled to 10 sick days per year.

Cafeteria Discount:
The University Hospital offers discounts on meals purchase in the hospital cafeteria. Residents on-call receives $5.00 per day of call which is electronically added to meal card account associated with your UHS ID badge. Lunch is provided at some conferences.

Book Fund:
All residents receive $800 per year for pathology-related books.

Travel Fund:
PGY-2 residents and above will be funded (approved by program director and Department Chairman and contingent of availability of funds) for one trip per year for each 1st authored abstract accepted for a state or national meeting. Covered travel costs cover three days/two nights for hotel, meals, and the cost of poster production. PGY-1 residents do not receive a travel allowance.

Administrative Leave:
Administrative leave may be granted for the presentation of papers/posters at state and national meetings and for attending such meetings without presentations. Maximum administrative leave is 2 weeks per year.

Lab Coats:
Lab coats are provided.

Covered parking is currently available free of charge in garages attached to the hospital for PGY 2 level and up. PGY1 level will have parking available on the UT Health campus next to the University Hospital.