Welcome to the Pathology Research Department at UT Health San Antonio.

Research in pathology bridges basic biomedical science and clinical investigations; experimental activities are directed towards understanding the expression and mechanisms involved in disease. Ultimately, these combined efforts will lead to improvements in disease diagnosis, treatment, and/or prevention.

The diversity of research programs in this department is reflected in the complexity of cells and tissues in the body and the immense variability of disorders affecting these components.

• Aging

• Atherosclerosis

• Biometry

• Cancer

• Clinical and Molecular Cytogenetics

• Cytology

• Diabetes

• Fungus Identification and Evaluation

• Hemopathology

• Microbial Susceptibility

• Molecular Pathology of Cell Injury

• Oral and Maxillofacial

• Pulmonary Injury

• Skeletal Pathobiology

Our Mission

To provide students in the UT Health Schools with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in the health sciences. To provide a departmental atmosphere that is conducive to scholarly pursuits and collaborative interactions.