Electron Microscopy Laboratory

The Electron Microscopy Laboratory was established in 1969, by the Department of Pathology, to provide expertise in clinical and research applications of electron microscopy. The laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility on the UT Health San Antonio campus and is available for use by students, faculty and staff, as well as commercial and non-profit groups with a need for specialized equipment and experienced technical staff to perform ultrastructural analyses. The Electron Microscopy Laboratory facility provides all levels of technical support and consultation for investigators needing analytical and routine transmission, scanning electron microscopy.

In addition, we offer diagnostic ultrastructural analysis on a variety of specimens for diagnosis. Specimens may be submitted for complete ultrastructural analysis including a faculty pathologist’s interpretive report or submitted for processing and representative high-quality prints of the specimen’s ultrastructure returned to the referring pathologist for interpretation. We also offer material analysis including mineral composition for a variety of purposes, including samples for the forensic sciences, archaeology and construction industries.

We provide services and expertise in both clinical and research application of transmission and scanning electron microscopy. The facility is a support service for the faculty and staff of the University of Texas Health Science Center, the UT System, area hospitals, as well as, numerous outside entities in the region, both public and private. The laboratory is a true multi-user facility, currently serving the needs of 61 different investigators from numerous departments and outside agencies including corporations and pharmaceutical companies.

Our goal is to provide our clinical and research clients with the highest quality of electron microscopy services available. We strive to provide our services in a prompt, accurate, and professional manner. We customize our services, to accommodate the needs of our clients depending on the amount of time and involvement desired. We provide training in the operation of our transmission and scanning electron microscopes, as well as, assistance in sample preparation. The laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologist and by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Electron Microscopy Laboratory is located in room 323C of the UT Health San Antonio and can be reached by calling (210) 567-4055.


Services Provided

Clinical Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Renal Pathology Services
  • Muscle Biopsy
  • Nerve Biopsy
  • Malignant and non-malignant tissue evaluations
  • Platelet whole mount
  • Cilia Biopsy
  • Heart Biopsy

Research Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Biological and non-biological samples
  • Negative stain whole mount
  • Equipment training
  • Project consultation

Research Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • EDS X-ray microanalysis
  • Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD)
  • Biological and non-biological samples
  • Equipment training
  • Project consultation


Transmission Electron Microscope

JEOL 1230
JEOL 1400

Scanning Electron Microscope


Contact us

Faqian Li, MD
Medical Director
E-Mail: Lif2@uthscsa.edu

Barbara Hunter
Technical Director
E-Mail: hunterb@uthscsa.edu

Monica Alarcon
Electron Microscopy Technician
E-Mail: alarconm@uthscsa.edu