Bexar County SARS-CoV-2 Whole Genome Sequencing Surveillance Dashboard

Using this website:

  • All graph panels are interactive. Users can move mouse cursor over part of the figure to examine some additional data for the figure.
  • At the top-right, additional visualization tools are provided, including zoom, pan and download (in PNG format) of the figure.
  • Users can click legends of 2 distribution plots to select or de-select specific SARS-COV-2 lineage(s) to examine exact lineage/sublineage proportion in the figure. Users can also move the cursor over the data points to examine the exact proportion of the specific lineage (DELTA sublineage) at a given month.
  • Data Sources: SARS-CoV-2 positive samples are submitted from 1) UT Health San Antonio; 2) University Health System; 3) Community Labs; 4) San Antonio Metropolitan Health District; and 5) Methodist Hospital.


  • UT Health San Antonio Molecular Diagnostics Team:
    Marjorie P. David, Weijing He, Guillermo Nunez, Bethany Landry, Josefina Stoever, Kumari Vadlamudi, Hongxin Fan, Sri Lakshmi Pandeswara, Rick Marciniak
  • University Health System Team:
    Kathleen Lawless
  • UT Health San Antonio GCCRI GSF Team:
    Zhao Lai, Dawn Garcia, Korri Weldon
  • UT Health San Antonio GCCRI Bioinformatics Team:
    Yidong Chen, Zhenqing Ye, Yi Zou, Li-Ru Wang, Dias Kurmashev
  • UT Health San Antonio Information Management Team:
    Mike Gerwitz