Research in Aging

Age is the major risk factor for many diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease. Although, the basic mechanisms of aging are not understood, aging is undoubtedly the result of multiple deleterious processes. Various kinds of damage to macromolecules are thought to play important roles in the aging process. Major areas of study include age-related disease, the use of rodent models to study the effects of caloric restriction, and the effects of modulation of gene expression using transgenic and knock out animals. More basic studies, at the cellular level, are aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms responsible for in vitro cellular senescence. This multi-level approach provides the possibility of rapid translation of basic discoveries at the molecular and cellular levels to an improved understanding of the etiology of age-related diseases.

Aging-related research in the Department of Pathology supports the Aging Research and Education Center (AREC) at UT Health San Antonio.

Pathology Faculty

Yuji, Ikeno, Ph. D

Hubbard, Gene, D.V.M