Clinical Research Informatics

The Clinical Research Informatics Division in the Department of Population Health Sciences is focused on using programming, research data management, and informatics to synthesize data in your health research.

We focus on large scale data integration, including the processes and procedures that are needed to manage, secure, and protect data, and writing the applications that can do so.

There are two main focuses in the Clinical Research Informatics division: technical operations and science education.

Our technical operations team focuses on programming, data management, and systems management, while our science education team focuses on clinical research, informatics, and team collaboration.

Dr. Bill Sanns heads our technical operations team and Dr. Meredith Zozus heads our science education team.

Read about our areas of expertise, our past and ongoing research projects, and how you can collaborate with us on future research.

Our Expertise

The Clinical Research Informatics Division has expertise in research data management systems, data management and security consulting, and learning management and content development.

We like to refer to our science educational focus as our “warehouse” side. This team works with large amounts of clinical data by writing queries and looking to pull the relevant information that are researcher needs.

Our technical team is made up of expert programmers, system administrators, and data administrators who write custom software that can meet your specific research needs.

We also manage several large systems for the university, like the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System. Other systems we manage are RedCap, a web-based data capture system that allows people to create accounts and projects, and TriNetX and i2b2, systems that query clinical data.

Our informaticians act as liaisons between you and your team of researchers and our technical staff. Their expertise in medical biology allows them to consult with the investigators to help determine what their needs are and how our technical team can help them achieve it.

Team Members

Meet the staff and faculty members in our division:

  • Bill Sanns – Director of Operations
  • Meredith Zozus, PhD, CCDM – Division Chief
  • Helen L. Foster, MSN, RN – Clinical Research Informatics Specialist
  • Muayad Maallah – Clinical Informatics Specialist

How to Collaborate with Us

The Clinical Research Informatics Division partners with almost every department at UT Health San Antonio.

To contact the Clinical Research Informatics Division for collaboration on a research project, use the following steps to access the Project Request Page. This helps us assess who our audience is and what we can expect from our collaborators.

  1. Visit the Population Health Sciences Project Request Page.
  2. Enter required information into the Project Fields box.
    1. This includes the Project Name, Project Alias, a short description of the project, and the deadline date.
    2. If the deadline date is not applicable, leave it blank.
  3. Fill out the required information in the Contact Fields so that the Biostatistics faculty can get in contact with you about your project.
    1. Select the Contact TypePrimary Investigator or Project Point of Contact.
    2. NOTE: If you are not the primary investigator on the project, you will need to fill out the contact information of the primary investigator as well as your own.
    3. Fill out your First Name and Last Name.
    4. Fill out your email and phone number in the fields Contact Email and Contact Phone.
    5. Fill out the department associated with this project in the field Contact Department.
  4. Enter information regarding the funding of your project if you have the information available.
    1. Select Yes or No on the question: Can you answer some questions regarding funding?
    2.  If No, continue to the next page.
    3. If Yes, enter information on the Funding Status and Funding Source.
    4. For Funding Status, select one of the options depending on the financial status of your project: Funded, Funding Pending, Unfunded, or Unknown.
    5. For Funding Source, select one of the options depending on the financial status of your project: Grant, Contract, Invoice, Endowment, Core Grant, Other, or Unknown.
    6. If selecting Other, fill out the box for Other Funding Source.
  5. Enter which division(s) of PHS you would like to work with.
    1. Select Clinical Research Informatics.
    2. If applicable, select other divisions as well.
  6. Select Yes if you need to work with an analyst to help retrieve data.
  7. Select Yes if you need assistance but are not sure where to start. If you select this option, someone from our team will call you.
  8. If you are seeking query building, grant application assistance, or identifiable data extraction requests, you must fill out an additional form through RedCap.
  9. On the RedCap project request form, you will need to fill out the following areas:
    1. Select Yes or No to whether you have completed a System Access Request.
      1. If No, we will provide you with a link to i2b2 to do so.
    2. Fill out the Point of Contact First Name.
    3. Fill out the Point of Contact Last Name.
    4.  Fill out the Point of Contact Email.
  10. Once you submit the RedCap project request form, the process is complete. Someone from the Clinical Research Informatics team will be in contact with you soon to follow up on your project.