Clinical Research Informatics

The Clinical Research Informatics Division in the Department of Population Health Sciences is focused on using programming, research data management, and informatics to leverage data to support the design, feasibility, implementation, conduct, and reporting of clinical studies.

We focus on planning for Data Management and Sharing, including the processes and procedures that are needed to collect, manage, secure, protect, and share data, and writing the applications that can do so.  We also provide self-service applications (e.g., REDCap for secure data capture, TriNetX for self-service aggregate count warehouse queries) that investigators and research teams may use at no cost.

Our Expertise

The Clinical Research Informatics Division has expertise in research data management systems, data management and security consulting, and learning management and content development.

Part of our team manages the Clinical Data Warehouse and specializes in working with large amounts of clinical data and writing queries to pull the relevant information for clinical studies.

Our technical team is made up of expert programmers, system administrators, and data administrators who write custom software that can meet your specific research needs.

Our informaticists serve as liaisons between investigators and research teams and our technical staff. Their clinical training and research expertise facilitates their partnering with the investigators to determine their data and information systems needs and methods.  Our informaticists also work with investigators to draft data management and sharing plans to document and operationalize these decisions.

How to Collaborate with Us

The Clinical Research Informatics Division works with faculty from every school and almost every department at UT Health San Antonio.

To contact the Clinical Research Informatics Division for collaboration on a research project, you can contact one of the following team members directly:

Meredith Zozus, PhD, CCDM – Division Chief

Bill Sanns – Technical Director

Helen L. Foster, MSN, RN – Clinical Research Informatics Specialist

Muayad Maallah, MD – Clinical Research Informatics Specialist

Manju Bikkanuri, MD, MPH – Clinical Research Informatics Specialist

Cynthia Ortiz – Senior Resource and Operations Manager

Jacklyn Robles – Program Coordinator, Pre/Post Award Manager

Or you may send an email to: Research Information Systems and Programming Data Warehouse and Data Management  For questions and issues with REDCap