Lauren Elizabeth Honan


Cellular and Integrative Physiology

Lauren Elizabeth Honan

Graduate Student

IBMS Physiology and Pharmacology Discipline

Lab Association:
Lynette C. Daws, Ph.D


BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of South Carolina, 2021


Psychiatric and substance use disorders, monoamine transporters, in vivo electrochemistry, behavior

Awards & Accomplishments

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Summer Travel Award, 2023

Society for Neuroscience Trainee Professional Development Award, 2022


  1. Witt, C. E.; Mena, S.; Honan, L. E.; Batey, L.; Salem, V.; Ou, Y.; & Hashemi, P. (2022). Low Frequency Oscillations in Ambient, In Vivo Extracellular Brain Serotonin. Cells. 11, 1719.
  2. Mena, S.; Visentin, M.; Witt, C. E.; Honan, L. E.; Robins, N.; & Hashemi, P. (2022). Novel, User-Friendly Experimental and Analysis Strategies for Fast Voltammetry: Next Generation FSCAV with Artificial Neural Networks. ACS Meas. Sci. Au. 2(3), 241-250.