Internship in Clinical Psychology

Message From Our Program Director

Dr. Cindy McGearyAs psychologists, we are tasked with the responsibility of helping people learn how to better understand themselves, raise their quality of living, and improve their level of functioning. In this profession, we can help save lives. Importantly, to succeed as a licensed psychologist, it is essential to adopt the mindset of a lifelong learner. It is from this perspective that clinical skills are refined, paradigms are expanded, and research and clinical innovations are developed. As such, our internship program seeks interns who are open to learning new skillsets, who actively engage in the learning process, and who are eager to challenge themselves professionally. With a large and diverse faculty, our program strives to provide the highest quality of training while fostering an atmosphere of cohesion and collaboration. At UT Health San Antonio, we see it as our duty to prepare interns to function independently and our privilege to work with the next generation of psychologists as they embark on their final year of graduate training. We look forward to reviewing your application. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.


UT Health San Antonio Clinical Psychology Internship Program